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Here are some useful Chrome Extensions that will make your work faster and more attractive.

FontFace Ninja

FontFace Ninja, ideal for designers and developers, allows users to hover their cursor over any text on a page and see the name, size, and line spacing of the font. You can try out the font right in the browser by typing text of your choice, and even hide all images on the page using the mask function for a clearer look at the font. This is a must-have for all front-end developers and designers.

Eye Dropper

Ever wish you could find out exactly what those beautiful colours are on that website you love? Say hello to Eye Dropper, an incredible tool that allows you to hover your cursor over any element of any website and find the precise hexadecimal, RGB, and HSL values of any colour you like online.


Page Ruler is a wonderful little Chrome extension that allows you to highlight a section or element on a page to determine its specific dimensions and position on the page. This is a great way to help with your web-design and prototyping.

WordPress Theme Detector

If you’ve ever seen a beautiful WordPress website and love the theme, WordPress Theme Detector is the extension for you. As implied, WordPress Theme Detector detects the WordPress theme used on any WordPress site and provides the link (if available) to download or buy the theme yourself.


RiteTag is an incredible tool on Twitter that allows you to see in realtime which hashtags are the most likely to allow your content to be seen, and which ones are weak. This is a goldmine for all the social media marketers out there who need to refine their use of hashtags and boost their social media presence.

Riffle by CrowdRiff

Riffle is another indispensable tool for social media marketers. Riffle allows users to search for any Twitter user and immediately see their activity analytics in realtime such as: # of retweets per tweet, # of favourites per tweet, top hashtags, top mentions, top URLs, top tweets, and connected social media networks and mobile platform used. It provides a mountain of information that can be used to analyze competition, adapt marketing strategies, and better connect with users.

Miscellaneous Must-Haves

Save To Pocket

Pocket is my favourite bookmarking tool for websites and articles. It allows you to save content for later viewing or reference and even allows you to add tags so you can keep them organized and pull them up when necessary. The extension makes it easy to add websites, and there is also a great iOS app that has the same functionality.


Momentum is a beautiful extension that sets your homepage/new tab page to a beautiful image with the time, weather,
an inspirational quote, an optional main focus for the day you can type in and to-do list. It’s by far one of my favourite things in the day and adds a breath of fresh air to any work environment.

Hola Better Internet

Hola Better Internet is a useful Chrome Extension that allows you to access websites that are blocked or censored in your country, or by your company. Using a VPN proxy service, you can set your location to any country allowing you to access content as if you were in that country. Think American web content, or Netflix from any country! It’s sheer bliss!

AdBlock Plus

Does a beautiful job at blocking banners, YouTube video ads, Facebook Ads, pop-ups, and any other obtrusive ads. Block websites by their URLs and hide sections of webpages. Block specific ads by right clicking on them and clicking “block element”. Overall does an amazing job at getting rid of all the pesky ads you don’t want.

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