Boomerang: Schedule for Gmail

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Boomerang is a valuable plugin for Chrome and Firefox users that enhances your Gmail experience. It seems like just about everyone has a Gmail account and Boomerang gives it a lift. Boomerang gives users control over the timing of sent and received messages, the power to schedule Gmail.

Three Main Features of Boomerang

Send Later – The “Send Later” button gives users the ability to schedule email messages at a time in the future. Users can specify the date and time to send their messages later.

Reminders – The “Boomerang” button reminds users of important emails that can be quickly found at anytime. Reminders archives the message now and then returns it to the top of the inbox when specified.

Response Tracking – Arguably the most useful feature of the Boomerang extension is response tracking. If you don’t hear back someone in a reasonable amount of time this can be used to remind users.

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