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Featured on Forbes Best startup websites, Addvocate markets itself to companies to use as their platform for employees and their co-workers. While the website homepage, logo and color choices look unimaginative and even bland, do not be fooled by the crude simplicity of the site’s appearance. The idea is to give employees a creative outlet to share knowledge and express their ideas to help the company improve and prosper. It also allows employees to create and share content within their own social networks in a way which allows leveraging those online relationships to help “get the word out” for their representative organization.


One way it gets employees involved is by using pop-up notifications to inform employees of events happening in the company. A company gets its own dashboard where employees can go to get action items needing their attention, pertinent analytics for the company, company directory and other functions which can enhance the brand message and social footprint of the company.

Acknowledging that social media has become an integrated and essential part of the way companies do business, Addvocate also provides an alternative to companies who are still not comfortable with the idea that social media and social apps will permeate the workplace whether they like it or not. Addvocate is a way to suggest social media content for the employees of the company, in a way that channels – what just a few years ago might have been viewed as “time-wasting” – employee behaviors into productive activities which help the company fourish.


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How to use @Addvocate #webtoolswiki

How to use @Addvocate #webtoolswiki

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Alternative Tools To @Addvocate #webtoolswiki

Alternative Tools To @Addvocate #webtoolswiki

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