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A Desktop Publishing Software Application by Adobe Systems to Create And Publish Content

Adobe’s InDesign helps you create pixel perfect page designs and typography for books, brochures, digital magazines, printed magazines and more!  Adobe’s InDesign also has easily adapted layouts for multiple page sizes, screen sizes and orientations. It’s not free, but there is a 30 Day free trial.



Text settings
InDesign Middle Eastern versions come with special settings for laying out Arabic or Hebrew text including:

Ability to use Arabic, Persian or Hindi digits ,Use kashidas for letter spacing and full justification, Ligature option, Set vowels/diacritics, positioning, Justify text in three possible ways to get the desired results (Standard, Arabic, Naskh), Option to “Insert Special Character”: three Hebrew characters (Geresh, Gershayim, Maqaf) and an Arabic one (Kashida), Apply standard, Arabic or Hebrew styles for page, paragraph and footnote numbering, Bi-directional text flow.
Table of contents
InDesign Middle Eastern versions come with a set of Table of contents titles, one for each supported language. The TOC is also sorted according to the chosen language. InDesign CS4 Middle Eastern versions allows to choose the language of the index title and cross-references by right clicking in the title field in the Generate Index window.

InDesign allows for the creation of a simple keyword index or a somewhat more detailed index of the information in the text using embedded indexing codes which are instantiated as an index using a command in the Indexing palette. Unlike more sophisticated programs, InDesign is incapable of inserting character style information as part of an index entry . Indices are limited to four levels .

Here’s a video about Adobe InDesign. Enjoy!

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