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Engage in anonymous conversation online using Anonyfish. This free tool lets you have a conversation without you and the other person revealing your respective identities. In short, you can chat anonymously with another secret user.

One-on-one conversations done on Anonyfish are kept confidential. No email address is being asked when you register and sign in. IPs and logs are not stored as well. You just create a handle and share that around the web if you want to attract people to talk to. Anyone who has your handle can message you but it is all up to you if you want to reveal your identity or not. Users are free to reveal their identity if they want to.

This third party anonymous private one-on-one chat site is the brainchild of Philip Kaplan. The site is encrypted and IPs and logs are not stored so you can be sure to enjoy a discreet conversation every time.


Do you have any tips for using Anonyfish? Please add them to this list. Please vote up or down any tips that are already here. Thank you!

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Your top tips for using @anonyfish #webtoolswiki

Your top tips for using @anonyfish #webtoolswiki

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Your suggestions for alternatives to @anonyfish #webtoolswiki

Your suggestions for alternatives to @anonyfish #webtoolswiki

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