Meet AssistantTo @assistantto #WebToolsWiki

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If You Are Searching For An Online Assistant, Then Meet AssistantTo.

Meet AssistantTo @assistantto #WebToolsWiki

Meet AssistantTo @assistantto #WebToolsWiki

If you are spending hours of time setting up a schedule, then here is a tool to help you get back those hours.

AssistantTo is’s a free tool that easily integrates with your email (Gmail, Outlook, etc) that helps you schedule your life in an easier manner.

Meet AssistantTo @assistantto #WebToolsWiki

Meet AssistantTo @assistantto #WebToolsWiki

Some of it’s key features are:

No  Doubles.

It monitors your availability while working with your email recipients to find a compatible time while also not accidently double scheduling.


It also uses the same servers as Dropbox and other services that has the 99% uptime and secure SSL data encryption to make sure your schedules stay between you and your client. uses the same secure servers & hosting as Dropbox, SAP, etc. with 99% uptime & SSL data encryption.


It keeps track of your common meeting details such as location, time and availability so you can schedule a meeting on the fly.

Time Zones? No Worries.

AssistantTo will detect and convert your client’s time zone so you don’t have to worry about setting up a meeting for 10PM EST/9PM CST.


It will also send both you and your clients email notifications when an event has been schedules or rescheduled.

Who Needs This Tool?

Anyone whose work deals with lots of meeting whether they are international or local. If you are always setting up a meeting, then this tool will help you do it quickly and effortlessly.

Below is a quick video tutorial on how to use AssistantTo. Enjoy!

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