Badgeville Behavior Platform @badgeville #WebToolsWiki

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Boost Community Engagement with Help From Badgeville

Badgeville Behavior Platform @badgeville #WebToolsWiki

Badgeville Behavior Platform @badgeville #WebToolsWiki

With Badgeville Behavior Platform, you can create highly engaging web experiences. 

Easily smooth out customer loyalty, boost employee performance and build proven engagement systems like those found in popular social games.

Badgeville Behavior Platform @badgeville #WebToolsWiki

Badgeville Behavior Platform @badgeville #WebToolsWiki

What Is Gamification And Why Use It?

Gamefication is a cool way to build more than a website–you can create an experience for your customers, employees and potential customers.

Candy Crush and Words With Friends are fun games where you play with friends. It’s a game. Take that strategy and apply it to business–that’s gamefication.

And doing this from scratch doesn’t have to be complicated medical terms. Badgeville is all about this system and being there for you every step of the way.

Badgeville just happens to be the world’s leading gamification tool and they have a could based feature that helps you measure, analyze, and recognized your customers actions across your digital world.

All in one spot.

How Does Badgeville Behavior Platform Work?

Badgevill has four ways you can succeed.

Game Mechanic: You are able to recognize and reward both customers and employees for sharing products, executing a business products, promoting your products, even talking about them.

Reputation Mechanics: Like most games,  you have your rank. It’s the same here. You can show your rank, points, and expertise of your customers and employees much like a gaming system–and share it across your digital universe.
Social Mechanics: Taking the reputation mechanics to the next level by connecting users with relevant people. Introducing them to other parts of your business, and helping them succeed wherever they go.
Analytics: The fun data part where you see what’s going on with specific products, content, and process. Analytics shows you what you need to do from there so you can edit or tweak any other mechanics to make your business grow.
Badgeville doesn’t have the pricing options on their website, but you can request a free demo and talk to a sales specialist.

Here’s a short video about Badgeville’s Gamification Platform. Enjoy!

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What Does It Mean To Gamify Your Brand?

What Does It Mean To Gamify Your Brand?

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