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An innovative team management SaaS application that will keep track of all your tasks and meetings. Easily share files, make comments, track time and generate reports. You’ll always be informed and always know what everyone else on your team is working on.

Makes meetings more productive
– Easily take minutes for meetings
– Action items are automatically converted into tasks
Take rich meeting minutes with PriorityCentre, add attendees and annotate actions with your colleagues names. Actions are automatically turned into tasks and assigned to the right people.

Transparency for your team
– View your team members’ priorities
– Move tasks from one person to another
PriorityCentre makes it easy to see your colleague’s tasks. Check how they are progressing, share your ideas and reassign tasks as necessary.

Clarity on what’s important
– All your tasks, in the order they need to be done
– Automatic tracking of the time spent on tasks
The focal point of PriorityCentre is your priority list. All your tasks are listed in the order you need to do them. The one at the top is the one you’re currently doing.

Stay in the loop
– Receive notifications when your priorities change
– Know when your tasks are modified, commented or moved
When the order of your priorities changes you get notified. When the task itself changes or a comment is made, you and your manager will know.

Collaborate on tasks
– Comment on your team members’ tasks
– Search all your team’s tasks
Engage all your colleagues in your team’s work by commenting and reviewing the tasks of your team members.

Safe and secure
– Only registered users can interact with your team
– Daily backups of your company’s data
Your company’s data is isolated from all other users of PriorityCentre and backed up daily to prevent data loss.

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