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Efficiently Create Professional Looking Client Proposals

Bidsketch is a proposal creation and management system that is centered on providing a usable platform, excellent customer service, and an enduring education to help organizations win more business.  Bidsketch prides itself on maximizing your efficiency – cutting proposal creation and feedback times are the name of the game here.


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Bidsketch offers numerous professional templates for your proposals or lets you to craft your own HTML or CSS designs.  You are then easily able to mix and match content and utilize specific client landing pages to improve sales. They claim to significantly decrease the time spent writing and creating proposals, to give you more time to designate to other important tasks.  They offer templates and the ability to customize content in sections. You can then save the sections to refer to later, or to add specific content to your proposal. Add optional fees to present to your clients for other products & ideas & save time making another proposal.


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Wondering about branding? Upload your logo to keep your documents consistent with your visual identity. A nice bonus is you can create a custom domain name (CNAME) to keep your clients viewing the proposal on an extension of your website. Upgrades include features such as changing the color of themes and the background image to most accurately reflect your brand.


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A number of built-in analytics enable you to track client viewings and gauge interest levels with detailed time breakdowns.   Users can even view the amount of time a client spent viewing a proposal and if they printed the document. Clients can choose to “accept” “reject” or “postpone” a project or payment. An available automation system and the inclusion of secure legally binding electronic signatures allows Bidsketch users to better facilitate workflow and promote growth. Get your documents signed immediately and don’t worry about a paper trail.


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Bidsketch offers a 14 day free trial for the software.


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Fully Integrated web tools include:




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Your top tips for using @Bidsketch #Crowdify #GetItDone

Your Tips for @Bidsketch #Crowdify

How Do I Create Business Proposals?

How Do I Create Business Proposals?

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Your suggestions for alternatives to @Bidsketch #Crowdify

Your suggestions for alternatives to @Bidsketch #Crowdify


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