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Create A Soundtrack For Any Book By Matching It To 20,000+ Free Music Tracks And Ambient Sounds

Add and publish a synchronized movie-style soundtrack to your digital text with the Booktrack Studio.

Using Booktrack Studio, anyone can bring digital text to life by adding a synchronized soundtrack from a database of more than 20,000 audio files. You can then publish your enriched content—whether a book, short story, screenplay, poetry, or travel blog—any text for anyone to read on the Booktrack Bookshelf. The audio plays in synch with the storyline, paced at each individual’s reading speed creating the only enhancement to reading delivered while they read.

Booktrack is creating a new generation of e-readers by letting them hear the future of reading. The embedded audio experience allows authors to better connect and share their creative vision by including music that evokes a specific emotion or a sound effect that brings an imagined character to life. It’s a free self-publishing platform for today’s connected generation that values self-expression, memorable stories and care about creation, connection and community.

Imagine hearing while you are reading the Booktrack version of Romeo and Juliet where Juliet has just met her end in the Capulet tomb, you hear the fatal blow and then the orchestra starts at exactly the right moment to convey the tragedy of the scene and complement the text.
With the Booktrack Studio you can:
– Add Text — Copy and paste any existing text directly into our editor, or start writing directly in our text editing tool. We’ll even help you find royalty free text that you can use to try and create a Booktrack.
– Add Sound — Choose from our library of thousands of audio files to add background music, ambient sound, and sounds effects to your text.
– Publish — upload a cover image for your completed text, add metadata like genre and rating that helps users find your work, and share your finished Booktrack with our audience of readers.

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Headline for Your top tips for using @Booktrack #Crowdify
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Your top tips for using @Booktrack #Crowdify

Your top tips for using @Booktrack #Crowdify

How Do I Create A Soundtrack For My Book?

How Do I Create A Soundtrack For My Book?

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Your suggestions for alternatives to @Booktrack #Crowdify

Your suggestions for alternatives to @Booktrack #Crowdify

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