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Piwik Cloud lets you avoid the burden of maintaining your own infrastructure for Piwik, thereby saving you time and money. With this tool, you have full control and ownership over your own data.

Piwik is the leading open source analytics platform that provides relevant and reliable insights about your users and customers while keeping full control over your data and complying with privacy regulations. It specializes in web analytics, data platform, big data, and providing insights to improve businesses around the world.

A study by W3Tech has shown that Piwik is the most popular independent analytics platform in Germany (with a market share of 16.0%). It is also in the top 10 traffic analysis tools.

Piwik PRO, on the other hand, is the world’s leading expert in delivering custom analytics solutions using the Piwik platform. It offers enterprise deployments, support plans, cloud hosting and various other services including developing custom integrations and features, white labeling, consulting and training.

Piwik currently is used by more than 1,000,000 websites worldwide including large corporations, SMEs, governments and non-profit organizations.

Piwik Cloud

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