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Clicktools is a powerful and robust set of software tools dsigned to give you greater insight from communication with your customers. These tools are extremely flexible and can be deployed to run call center scripts, surveys, create landing pages or drive event email campaigns.

However you choose to deploy Clicktools there is smooth and seamless flow of information directly into your CRM. This ensures that all information is automatically updated against the client file, providing real time customer updates to account managers, customer services, marketing etc. Long term you can build a strategy that incorporates customer feedback to improve business processes and increase profitibility.

Clicktools is a true enterprise solution offered at affordable prices.

Clicktools is designed to be used across your entire organization by customer-facing teams. Whether in marketing, sales, or support, your staff will have a more complete view of customer history and preferences by seeing information collected via Clicktools surveys, forms, and call scripts. The more Clicktools data you integrate into your CRM records, the greater your ability to serve customers on the most targeted, personal level possible.

Sales –Create call scripts for telesales campaigns. Send win/loss surveys to understand why deals were signed or not.
Marketing – Easily build web forms to capture lead information, event registration, campaign responses, or any other purpose you can devise.
Support – Leverage all kinds of open and closed case capabilities, or send customer satisfaction surveys at various points in your customer journey.
CRM Admin – Manage customer feedback surveys and forms across your organization, all centrally managed through your CRM system.
Non-profit Organization – Benefit from special pricing to help your charitable organization better serve clients, staff, and donors.

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