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Every data you receive and not just the reports is in real time.

Keep Track Of Your Website Traffic With Clicky Web Analytics

With this free tool, you can monitor the actions of your website visitors more effectively. You can even customize and monitor what each individual does on your site by opting to use usernames and email addresses.
Clicky also provides heat maps for every page and again, for every individual if you wish. These heat maps are also in real time.

An on-site analytics is available as well on your website and it is only you who can see the widget, not your visitors. With this feature, you can determine the total number of visitors on your site and on every page you are viewing. Additionally, heatmaps and heatmap segmentation can be launched from this particular widget.

Don’t worry when your site goes offline because you’ll immediately be alerted by Clicky. Keep in mind that your site’s uptime is being monitored from 5 locations worldwide and when most of the servers agree that your site is down, that’s when you’ll be notified.

And speaking of alerts, you can set them so you can receive notifications about campaign visitors, logged visitors and conversions.

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How to use @Clicky Analytics #webtoolswiki

How to use @Clicky Analytics #webtoolswiki

 Where do I get real time web analytics?

Where do I get real time web analytics?

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Your suggestions for alternatives to @Clicky Analytics #webtoolswiki

Your suggestions for alternatives to @Clicky Analytics #webtoolswiki


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