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ClockIn Portal is a cloud-based timeclock that allows employees to clock in and out from any computer or smart phone. View employee’s start and end work times. ClockIn Portal’s online Time Clock displays the accurate time in hours, minutes, and seconds. With just a click of a button, employees can indicate whether they are on or off the clock. Managers love the easy to use interface, robust features, and payroll reports.

The web-based online time sheets offered by ClockIn Portal make accurate record-keeping a snap. Employees can keep track of their time from remote locations, and managers always have up-to-date information about what work employees are doing and when they are doing it.

Managers can view, sort, and search data in employee time sheets. Easily view clock-in and clock-out times to track attendance and absences. Time off and vacation accruals can be easily managed with ClockIn Portal. Managers can also generate employee payroll reports and view a detailed list of these reports.

ClockIn Portal is an inexpensive and easy to use online timeclock. Employees can log in and out from a computer or phone, and managers can create schedules for employees and generate helpful reports for payroll.

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