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Managing access to your cloud applications doesn’t have to be hard. CloudEntr gives you one secure place to manage access to all your cloud applications. Login once and get secure, one-click access to all of your cloud applications, on any device, without giving up control over who gets access.

CloudEntr brings simplicity and security to your cloud-based business applications. It lets your business take advantage of the cloud, without giving up control over who’s accessing business data or burdening employees with complex password policies.

Whether you are running a small shop or building a business empire, CloudEntr lets you focus on your future by securing and simplifying cloud application access.

Single Sign-On:
Pour your coffee, fire up the laptop and start logging into all the different apps you need to use. Sound familiar? With CloudEntr, you can get right down to business – sign on once and get instant, one-click access to all of your cloud applications…with or without passwords

Password Manager:
Multiply the number of passwords you use with the number of devices, and you’re looking at a pretty big number. With CloudEntr, that number is 1. CloudEntr manages your passwords, so you can get right to work, no matter what device you’re using.

Access Management:
It may be in the cloud, but it’s still your business data. With CloudEntr, you can make sure that the right people have access to the right applications. Get people up and running quickly, while making sure that temporary employees don’t take your credentials with them. Enforce access policies, modify user access controls, and set up the policies and processes to protect your cloud-based business applications.

Secure File Sharing:
Managing access doesn’t stop at logins, we also securely manage access to your files as well. Secure file sharing allows businesses to encrypt files and securely share them with others inside or outside of your company. With CloudEntr you now have a single place to secure and share access to both applications and data.

Two-Factor Authentication:
When you put all your eggs in one basket, you’d better cushion that basket. That’s why we offer two-factor authentication for your CloudEntr login. CloudEntr offers two-factor authentication to protect access to all your business applications.

Active Directory Integration:
Make your admin life a little easier by synchronizing your employees directly from Active Directory to CloudEntr. You already rely on Active Directory to manage local access; leverage those same user credentials to access CloudEntr, and your cloud applications. Employees don’t have to remember yet another login to access their cloud applications and you don’t have to manage another directory.

Ever tried typing a bunch of logins and passwords on an iPad? It’s a pain. Mobile devices are greater for productivity – and they’re even better when CloudEntr manages those passwords and gives you single sign-on.

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