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 Smore is an easy to use online flyer designer, that has many applicable uses for any industry.  Started in 2011 by CEO Gilad Avidan and Co-Founder Shlomi Atar and are based out of Tel Aviv, Israel.  Smore was started with the small business owner in mind, to help Business Owners spread the word about their business inexpensively, with the aim to help them reach a bigger audience.


  • Fully integrated analytics allow you to maximize your flyers exposure in real time
  • Easily share your flyer via  Facebook Profiles + Pages/Twitter/Email/Craigslist/Linkedin/Google+/Pinterest
  • Track who viewed your flyer, how much time they spent viewing it, and how they discovered it
  • Unique Geo Locating allows you to pin your flyer to individual Cities, as well as track visitor locations pinned on maps.
  • Send flyers directly to your team for added sharing
  • If you are promoting an event guest can RSVP right from the flyer
  • Track click throughs on links inserted into flyers

Analytics: Find out where your flyer is doing well, and where it needs a little help

Analytics Screenshot

Analytics Screenshot

Visitor Mapping: Great way to show your Clients your marketing reach




Please enjoy this tutorial on SmorePages!

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