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Diaspora_social_network_project_official_logo,_helvetica_font Diaspora is asocial networking site with multi-feature. It development ensured by volunteer yet august 2012. For this reason this site  developed quickly and very colorful way. New features, designs, and improvements have made their way into Diaspora’s code, and as such, the project has evolved far beyond what its original founders could have ever expected.

 JoinDiaspora.com Registrations are closed-

Diaspora is Decentralized! But don’t worry! There are lots of other pods you can register at. You can also choose to set up your own pod if you’d like. Any person from any pod can communicate with one another!


Any one can donate this site  project,  with user support the goals and visions of this  community is to make the social web a better place, and together, they believe that they can make something amazing.

This site software is completely free, so anyone can grab the code and host it wherever user want! Diaspora is a community effort – contribute on Github.

This site is secure for privacy because user do not need to openly share their information for participating this site. Lastly there is a opportunity to Meet people from all over the world who love the Internet and want to see it free as much as user  do.

Diaspora – The Open Social Network


Do you have any tips for using Diaspora? Please add them to this list. Please vote up or down any tips that are already here. Thank you!

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Tips for using @Diaspora #Crowdify #GetItDone

Tips for using @Diaspora #webtoolswiki

Do you know any Diaspora alternatives? Please add the names of each tool to this list and help others to find them and try them out. Please vote up or down any alternative so we find the most popular ones. Thank you!

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Your suggestions for alternatives to @Diaspora #webtoolswiki

Your suggestions for alternatives to @Diaspora #webtoolswiki


We hope you enjoy Diaspora. To search for any other online tool please use our search box at the top of the page. If you have benefited from what you have learned here we hope you will consider sharing this page with your social media friends by using one of the sharing buttons out on the left. Thank you!

If you have any questions about Diaspora please ask in the comment boxes below either Google+ or click over to Facebook. If you know lots about Diaspora or any other tool featured in Crowdify then please let us know in the comments as well. We will connect with you and give you editing rights. We often pay regular editors for their time.

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