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Swayy is a content discovery platform that is personalized based on your preferred topics. This engaging content is brought to you fresh each day.

Here’s the features you’re really going to value about Swayy. After selecting a story, Swayy will suggest hashtags. This is really beneficial, especially if you’re unsure of what hashtags are optimal.

It gets better. You can share immediately of course, but you can also schedule your content. Instead of a clunky calendar (which is also an option) Swayy offers in 1 hour, in 2 hours, in 3 hours, etc. This really speeds up the process.

Swayy Schedule Tool

Swayy also provides analytics including:

Links shared using Swayy
Links clicked
Avg. clicks per links

It’s very easy to read and understand, and you’re likely to generate more activity with the Swayy content which is selected based on the topics you choose. As of now, you can share to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Swayy has recently added Swayy’s Smart Share Widget that you can get in the Chrome store. With this widget you can send any article you find through the Swayy tool.

Swayy is a freemium service that useful for the casual social media user at the free level. If you are handling multiple accounts of your own or clients you need to get Swayy today. Swayy will dramatically increase your efficiency immediately.

Swayy Dashboard

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