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Ethereum is a cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, mazacoins, litecoin, auroracoins etc.This coins help to digital transaction  ,digital contract, digital currency exchange via using the technology of decentralized DNS. The currency offered and support by Vitalik Buterin and this will be officially launch in  fall 2014.  This coin is similar to next generation coins which likely Bitcoin 2.0.

Unit of Ethereum  is called ether but it duvided to some more smaller unit like  finney, szabo, shannon, babbage, lovelace, and wei. Each smaller unit is equal to 0.001 of the next higher unit, so a finney is 0.001 ether, a szabo is 0.001 finney, and so on.

At the initial time when its not yet born officially but its got the media attraction like  Mail, Yahoo News and Siliconangle, Al Jazeera, Forbes, the Keiser   and Report.


At CoinSummit in March 2014, Ethereum was represented by two speakers and was covered in press about the event. Those are  Primavera De Filippi who is  a postdoctoral researcher at the CERSA / CNRS / Université Paris II (Panthéon-Assas) and David A. Marcus, who is president of Paypa. Both they talk about  the legal implications of Ethereum and wrote on his twitter account .

Here’s a video about Ethereum. Enjoy!


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Tips for using @Ethereum #Crowdify #GetItDone

Tips for using @Ethereum #webtoolswiki


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