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ez credit card import
eZ Credit Card Import is more than just a file converter or importer, it’s an integrated application with QuickBooks. eZ Credit Card Import allows you to directly import your online banking data into QuickBooks, without spending hours of manual data entry. Simply download your credit card transactions from your online bank account; upload the file to eZ Credit Card Import; review and select the transactions you want to import in QuickBooks; and then import into QuickBooks. You can also reconcile your bank statement after importing the transactions. eZ Credit Card Import can read virtually all the standard online banking download formats such as Quicken (qif or qfx), Microsoft Money (ofx) and Excel (csv, xls, xlsx).

Zachary Systems is a software service provider offering businesses, financial institutions, and accounting professionals a smarter way to integrate their banking and accounting systems. Zachary Systems seamlessly connects your business, your bank, and QuickBooks by allowing you to securely view all your financial data within one interface. Zachary Systems’ eZ Import products simplify the accounting and banking process by doing the work for you, making you work smarter, faster, and without errors. With eZ Import products, you can import your banking transactions directly into QuickBooks without having to convert file types, manually assign vendors or accounts, or reorganize the data when you import your financial data. While eZ Import products can read all standard online banking download formats, its advanced integration capabilities provide supplementary data which categorizes transactions more efficiently.

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