How to use FireBug @firebugnews #WebToolsWiki

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FireBug Is FireFox’s Companion For Your Website

How to use FireBug @firebugnews #WebToolsWiki

How to use FireBug @firebugnews #WebToolsWiki


If you are an avid FireFox user who is also into web design, the FireBug will be your BFF. It’s a tool that integrates with FireFox so you can easily code, monitor and edit any CSS, HTML and JavaScript live in any web page.

How to use FireBug @firebugnews #WebToolsWiki

How to use FireBug @firebugnews #WebToolsWiki

FireBug will, in short, allow you to

  • Look at  HTML and if you need to, modify the style and layout in real-time
  • Add features to Firebug to maximize your experience.
  • Analyze your network usage and performance accurately.
  • Access  an advanced JavaScript debugger for any browser

Here is a list of some of their key features. 

Always there. You can open in a separate window or as a bar on the bottom of your browser and get control over the websites you wish to enable the little bug for.

HTML. Easily access HTML elements on any webpage. You can edit it live and learn more about that web page.

CSS. FireBug has CSS tabs that will detail everything you wish to know about the styles, formatting and layouts of all your web pages and if you don’t like what you see, then you can fix it.

CSS Metrics. If your CSS boxes are giving you a fishy attitude, FireBug can help by being your little fly on the wall that measures, illustrates and gets back to you about borders, offsets, margins, paddings and sizes.

Cookies. Need to know what kind of cookies your computer is eating? You can view and change the diet right in your browser. You can tell your computer no, not those cookies, by filtering them, creating them and deleting them right from your browser.

Errors. Yes, they are gonna happen, but with Firebug you can know right when it happens and see what’s going on with a detailed report.


FireBug is a free extension for FireFox and it’s also available for Google Chrome and other web browsers.

Here is a video provided by FireBug.

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