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logo-circle-8b1778135cfe63465dfcde88f0df7c5b Five Hundred Plus is a web-based dashboard that helps users never lose touch with their business connections. It’s a personal CRM app built on top of the LinkedIn API.

Make the most of your professional network. Manage contacts. Track conversations

Five Hundred Plus  is an web based application that uses LinkedIn to help you make the most of your most valuable connections with your business partner ,your client and with your coworker . You may have heard of “Customer relationship management” (CRM) applications used by companies to manage clients and leads.

1 Five Hundred Plus is inspired by those tools but focuses on your own personal network, not your company’s and it connected via your linked in profile. This application main  objective is to help you track when you were last in touch with someone of your client or your business partner and when you should get back in touch so they don’t forget you.

Five Hundred Plus  will provide you a easy and simple dashboard that will help you to maintain your work very friendly. A drag-drop dashboard of contacts that makes it quick and easy to cultivate a network.
The name Five Hundred Plus is a homage to LinkedIn. If someone has more than 500 connections on LinkedIn, it’s displayed as 500+.


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Your top tips on how to use @Fivehundredplus #webtoolswiki

Your top tips on how to use @Fivehundredplus #webtoolswiki

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Your suggestions for alternatives to @Fivehundredplus #webtoolswiki

Your suggestions for alternatives to @Fivehundredplus #webtoolswiki


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