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Friendica is open source software that implements a distributed social network.It is formerly known as Friendika.It is one of the most popular free software that implements a distributed social network. Before it became Friendika, the project started initially as Mistpark, developed by Mike Macgirvin, a software developer formerly employed by Symantec Corporation, America Online (AOL), Sun Microsystems, Netscape Communications, and Stanford University who had worked on the original Netscape Navigator project, among others. Friendica has an emphasis on extensive privacy settings and easy server installation.While many social networks, blogs and forums allow one email address to identify one user, on Friendica it is possible to register several users with the same email address. This feature allows users to open several groups, each of which has its group forum.

It’s  main goal is  to federate with as many other social networks as possible.It has been endorsed by the GNU Telephony project aka GNU SIP Witch.Friendica was cited in January 2012 by Infoshop News as an “alternative to Google+ and Facebook” to be used on the Occupy Nigeria movement.In January 2012 Free Software Foundation Europe’s blog cited Friendica as a reasonable alternative to centralized and controlled social networks like  as Facebook or Google+.In February 2012, .”Friendica demonstrates how decentralized social networks can become widely accepted”  writen by apopular German computer magazine c’t. Another populae  German publication, the professional magazine t3n listed Friendica as a Facebook rival in an online article in March 2012 about Facebook alternatives. It compared Friendica with similar social networks like Diaspora and





Friendica is provide ,many more  free essential software secure, private, modular, extensible, unincorporated, and federated and  and open source software, .Currently, Users can integrate contacts from many popular social network like Facebook, Twitter, Diaspora, StatusNet and other services in their social streams, and RSS feeds. Communication is bi-directional wherever possible. There is also a bridge to include email contacts. Additionally, connectors allow cross-posting to blog platforms like WordPress, Livejournal, Tumblr and Posterous.The developers try to make installation of the server software easy for users with little technical expertise, arguing that decentralization on small servers is a key safeguard of online freedom and privacy.


Do you have any tips for using Friendica? Please add them to this list. Please vote up or down any tips that are already here. Thank you!

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Your Tips for @Friendica #Crowdify #GetItDone

Your Tips for @Friendica #webtoolswiki

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Your suggestions for alternatives to @Friendica #webtoolswiki

Your suggestions for alternatives to @Friendica #webtoolswiki


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