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Friends Reunited is a site to  find, reunite, contact old friends from school, work, college, university, neighbors, armed forces, expats. Make new friends with our community boards.This site  is a portfolio of social networking websites based upon the themes of reunion with research, dating and job-hunting. The first and eponymous website was created by a husband and wife team in the classic back bedroom internet start-up; it was the first online social network to achieve prominence in Britain, and it weathered the dot-com bust.The main Friends Reunited site aims to reunite people who have in common a school, university, address, workplace, sports club or armed service; the sister site Genes Reunited enables members to pool their family trees and identify common ancestors; the Dating and Jobs sister sites link members with similar attributes, interests and/or locations.


Friends Reunited was launched in 2000 as the back-bedroom hobby of a husband and wife team in North London. The site quickly became a British media phenomenon, growing from two million members in its first year, to over 24 million registered members today. In 2003, sister site Genes Reunited was created to allow members an easy way to search for their ancestors online. Two years later, Friends Reunited was sold to ITV and in 2008, the site became completely free for the first time. A range of social features were subsequently launched to help people share and express the important things in their life with family, friends and classmates. In 2010, brightsolid Online Innovation acquired the Friends Reunited Group, integrating the Friends Reunited brand into its strong online portfolio of sites where people go to search their past, share their story and connect with people and places.
An Evolution
.Friends Reunited had become popular enough that its uses have gone beyond the intentions of its founders.


According to the Register, potential employers use entries to screen job applicants. Friends Reunited has been used by bitter partners to exact revenge on those who have abandoned them and users have been sued for comments made on Friends Reunited about other people. Friends Reunited features prominently in Ben Elton’s detective novel Past Mortem (2004). The website launched a series of television advertisements for the first time in early 2007.In 2012, Friends Reunited evolved to recapture the initial spark of magic that led to its huge growth 12 years earlier. The new site allows members to celebrate all of their most cherished memories, with the people who were there too. Through on-going content agreements with the The Press Association, Francis Frith and the British Library, in addition to the memories added by Friends Reunited members, the site will continue to grow as the home for nostalgia online.


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Your Tips for @Friends Reunited #webtoolswiki

Your Tips for @Friends Reunited #webtoolswiki

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Your top tips on how to use @FriendsReunited #webtoolswiki

Your top tips on how to use @FriendsReunited #webtoolswiki


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