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Mobiso is a speech-enabled automated attendant solution for call routing ideal for service providers or enterprises. This tool utilizes the PeopleFind technology that lets customers connect with employees easily and effortlessly.

A speech assistant can be used to connect customers with employees, departments, even product information thereby freeing your key staff from repetitive low value tasks to focus on higher value functions. Mobiso can be set up in minutes and runs seamlessly. It provides a way for businesses to immediately control wireless costs and improve mobile employee productivity.

Mobiso is a combination of handheld software and cloud-based services ideal for enterprise wireless users. It collects usage details and automates the expensing of business use thereby saving you much time and costs.

With more employees working from home or from their mobile devices, a speech assistant enables a “numberless enterprise,” allowing employees to be increasingly mobile and still reachable while maintaining the privacy of their personal phone number.


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