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Where do entrepeneurs go to pick the brains of experts? They have no water cooler to talk around like company employees do. Some may be in mastermind groups or startup communities and more but where do they go for hard headed advice from someone who can give them immediate clarity? After all as an entrepeneur one of your biggest assets is your time. My time has value and not only have I been undervaluing myself I had not discovered a platform on which to properly market myself. The other key point is that if you are charging for your time you are constantly forcing yourself to get better so that you can add more value. Its a win-win.

Clarity.fm gives me the chance to once again sell my time to selected people in a scheduled call. And to talk about getting more and better reactions to their social media posts.


As a customer Clarity.fm allows you to find or connect with experts and schedule a call with them at their chosen hourly rate. You can suggest 3 times for the call. You can even invite up to 8 members of your team to join the call. After the call you pay the expert for their time and get the opportunity to leave a review. As a provider it allows you to import your Linked In recommendations, tag your areas of expertise and more. Clarity.fm provide the phone service and take a 15% fee. I was slightly surprised by the size of their fee but the service is popular! One call ever 7 seconds right now.



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How to use @getmoreclarity #webtoolswiki

How to use @getmoreclarity #webtoolswiki

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Alternative Tools To @getmoreclarity #webtoolswiki

Alternative Tools To @getmoreclarity #webtoolswiki


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