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Get Your Business Found And Verified by Google by Adding It To Google Places



If you own your own business then you need to get verified by Google. Why? Because it gets you found. No matter how many Bing and Yahoo ads are out there, Google is the top search engine that everyone turns to. And you want to own it.  Google makes it super easy to do this by getting you set up on Google Places.

Benefits of being verified on Google are:

  • You get a Verified Google+ Page
  • People can leave reviews
  • You’re on Maps
  • Free Advertising (you are found in searches on the first page of Google!)

Your Business Google+ Page will have a little check mark in a shield which tells all clients and potential clients that you are trusted by Google.


If Google says you’re real, then you are the real deal. So how do you get verified by Google?

  1. You need a real address. Why? Because Google needs to mail you a verification code—by snail mail, not email.
  2.  Go to the Google Places (click here) Link and sign in with your  Google account you want associated with your business with.
  3. Fill out the required information. When we verified Angel TD, the only option was via Post Card, but now there is a phone verification option as well.
  4. Verification takes up to two weeks, according to Google, but it didn’t take that long with us. Once we verified our account, Google even provided search terms for our business that would pull up a map of our location and our Google + Page. You can see ours in the image below:


If you do the post card option, Google will provide you a link and a code. Just go to the link and type in the code and then you are all set. You will have your business on Google Maps, a Verified Google+ Page and soon you will be all over Google. And that’s all it takes!

Do you have any tips for using Google Places? Please add them to this list. Please vote up or down any tips that are already here. Thank you!

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Your top tips for using @Google Places #Crowdify #GetItDone

Your top tips for using @Google Places #webtoolswiki

How do I get my business verified on Google?

How do I get my business verified on Google?

Do you know any Google Places alternatives? Please add the names of each tool to this list and help others to find them and try them out. Please vote up or down any alternative so we find the most popular ones. Thank you!

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Your suggestions for alternatives to @Google Places #Crowdify #GetItDone

Your suggestions for alternatives to @Google Places#webtoolswiki


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