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Send A Welcome Message To Your Website Visitors


Hello Bar is a customizable bar that positions itself at the top of your website and displays messages. It allows you to show a welcome message to your audiences on your website, it stays on the screen as your readers scroll. It lets you adjust the color, format; you can even adjust the messages and call-to-action within the bar.

Hello Bar is an easy tool to customize and implement. You just have to enter your brands URL to begin, and then you get to choose between 3 paths. And it takes you through the entire process to design your bar. Lead generation is at the heart of any business, with the help of Hello Bar you can easily comply with that. Instead of using the aggressive methods like pop-ups and email, with Hello Bar you provide a subtle nudge to your audiences and it is a definite way to generating quality leads.

Let’s take a look at the power of Hello Bar, through its key features:

  •  Hello Bar improves the effectiveness of your website by showing the right message at the right time to your visitors. With keeping in mind the goal you choose between – Drive traffic, collect email and connect & share. It directs your visitors to what page they should visit next.
  •  With A/B testing you can try out variations of your message and see which one is most effective in getting maximum clickthroughs. You can then login to the app site to check your stats – see how many times each bar variation was displayed, which got more clicks, and your clickthrough rate. With the stats you receive, you can keep creating different permutation- combinations to receive better results for the chosen goal!
  •  If you’re too busy to check your stats, Hello Bar will email you the performance metrics.

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How to use Hello Bar #Crowdify

How Do I Add A Notification Bar To My Website?

How Do I Add A Notification Bar To My Website?

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Alternative Tools To Hello Bar #Crowdify


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