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Knowledge Management And Documentation Software For Customers And Employees

HelpGizmo allows you to create and share online manuals, handbooks, help pages, user guides, software documentation and more. HelpGizmo makes it fast and easy to create online portals, manuals, and help sites for customers and employees alike. Save time and money by sharing knowledge and information.

HelpGizmo’s knowledge base software can be used to create internal company knowledge bases as well as to create self-service portals for your customers. Help your customers to help themselves by creating online FAQs, as well as technical software documentation, user manuals, guides and brochures. Employee training manuals and company handbooks can also be created using HelpGizmo making the employee onboarding process more streamlined.

HelpGizmo provides powerful yet affordable knowledge base software for any budget. With no coding skills required and almost zero learning curve, it allows you to create a knowledge base, manual, handbook, or portal quickly and easily. It’s extremely powerful, extremely affordable, and extremely customizable help authoring and documentation software.

HelpGizmo includes reporting tools that analyze customer behavior in order to understand the performance of your help documentation. Use the actionable insights provided by HelpGizmo to improve the usability of your knowledge base and the overall customer experience you offer. Some of the key features of HelpGizmo’s application include a searchable and collapsible table of content, files, images and video uploading that are mobile compatible, an embedded contact form widget, article recommendations and call-outs to view new and updated articles.

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Headline for Your top tips for using @helpgizmo #webtoolswiki
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Your top tips for using @helpgizmo #webtoolswiki

Your top tips for using @helpgizmo #webtoolswiki

How Do We Create A Knowledge Base?

How Do We Create A Knowledge Base?

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Your suggestions for alternatives to @helpgizmo #webtoolswiki

Your suggestions for alternatives to @helpgizmo #webtoolswiki

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