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Use HeyUpdate to track team activity. HeyUpdate is an online tool that helps you and your team keep up with what’s going on with your projects.

This tool has three key features that every team needs:

Write Daily Status Updates

Each team member can update the whole team with a quick project status update with what they accomplished and what needs to be done at the end of each day or even after each task.

The fact that you took the time to look over what you as a team member did today is a great way to increase productivity and put into writing the goals your team accomplished.

Easily Track Your Team’s Progress

It’s important to know what everyone is working on so each morning, HeyUpdate will send the team manager a summary of what everyone on your team got done.

You have options to receive this update in your email or in your Slack channel.

Its a great feature especially for online teams separated by time zones to help keep everyone on the same page wherever they  may be in the world.

Team Activity Reporting

Along with the progress tracking, HeyUpdate goes above and beyond by automatically reporting what everyone has been working by integrating with tools like Trello and services such as Help Scout.

No need for several notifications cramming up your email when you can get all the updates in one place.


HeyUpdate has a free 14 Day trial so you can get to know their tool. Their plans start at $25 per month and below is their full pricing plan.

How to use HeyUpdate Team Activity

How to use HeyUpdate to track Team Activity


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