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BlueCamroo is a complete, integrated, and affordable web-based all-in-one online Business Productivity Suite that helps your business manage Sales, Customers, and Projects more efficiently and profitably.

So what is BlueCamroo?
It’s a complete, integrated and affordable web-based application that helps you track and manage your sales leads, customers, contacts, opportunities and projects.

It’s a collaboration platform that keeps your team in the loop and communicating.

It’s a support ticketing system that helps you deliver great customer service.

It’s social network monitoring that finds sales opportunities and spots service issues across Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

It’s time tracking, expenses management, invoicing, online payments, and invoice reminders that keep your cash flowing.

It’s automated processes that run 24/7 to capture leads, chase up tasks, respond to customers and manage billing.

Designed and built from the ground up to be All-in-One; all BlueCamroo functions share a common database to work together perfectly.

All the power of BlueCamroo can be accessed with no more than a web browser, so there’s no investment in hardware or software required, and it’s as easy to share work with team members across the world as across the hall.

At its heart, BlueCamroo uses a unique, patent‐pending CRM concept and architecture
that provides an easy and natural way to track and develop customer relationships in all
channels, including via online social networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.
BlueCamroo allows its users to focus more on their clients and potential clients to secure
more business.

This industry‐first, innovative approach combined with the way BlueCamroo leverages the
power of online Social Networks truly brings CRM into the 21st Century.

With BlueCamroo, you can:

Capture Sales Leads directly from your website, from inbound email, and from Twitter and Facebook.

Configure Workflow Rules to respond to enquirers automatically and ensure effective sales follow-up.

Track, manage, and maintain your contacts regardless of their situation. Using BlueCamroo’s flexible Person and Organization contact types, you can change how they are associated with one another, or get rid of associations altogether. In other words, contacts are still relevant, even when they leave their company.

Monitor online social networks for sales opportunities, service issues, and “buzz” around your industry; your business; your products; and your brands.

Keep and share a record of all your calls, meetings, emails and notes for every Lead, Account, Contact, Opportunity and Project.

Manage your Sales Pipeline, with comprehensive Opportunity Tracking Reports and built-in Sales Quotations.

Manage Projects and Tasks, ensuring all your team are clear on project responsibilities, and that progress is tracked.

Share information and collaborate with clients through the built-in Client Project Intranet.

Track billable time on Projects, Tasks, and general client servicing.

Generate sales invoices, and receive payment online.

Keep clients and prospects updated with BlueCamroo’s integrated email marketing engine.

Automate business processes with configurable Workflow Rules and Project Templates.

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