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CobaltPM is a cloud-based project and portfolio management software for teams that makes it easy to plan and manage projects across your entire organization. CobaltPM provides enterprise-quality features at an affordable monthly price and is great for managing teams with team members working from many different locations.

CobaltPM is an online project management solution that allows teams to easily manage all of their projects and resources. It provides enterprise-level project management functionality for small-to-medium sized teams at an affordable price as a cloud-based SaaS product. The user interface is powerful, yet easy-to-use and navigate.

The application provides a robust toolset for planning, tracking and managing big projects. It features utilities for scheduling, reporting, analytics, time tracking risk management and resource control, in addition to a host of more advanced features for users truly in need of a one-stop project management solution. Cobalt Project Manager is web-based application, which means it can be access from anywhere with an internet connection for quick updates and adjustments.

Cobalt Project Manager (CobaltPM) is a leading online project management software application that offers a stronger range of features than most in its category. The application is based entirely on the web, removing the need for complex multi-machine installs and allowing project teams to focus on the important stuff rather than on syncing software. The application has been designed to be easy to use and intuitive to learn—a common sticking point with PM software.

CobaltPM is quite easy to use, and all functions are available on dedicated and clearly marked tabs. Most features are just one click from the main PM dashboard, which provides an overview of tasks, statistics and the project’s Gantt chart. Anyone who has used project management software before will find the Cobalt Project Manager layout familiar, but also innovative in its simplicity.

CobaltPM is ideal for any group of individuals working simultaneously on one big project. If a business works with project management applications, they would be hard pressed to find a better, cheaper solution than Cobalt Project Manager. Its unique blend of powerful features, web-based architecture and low price make it a strong candidate for anyone looking to take greater control of their projects.

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