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daPulse is an online software that serves as a tool for collaboration and communication for fast growing companies. It provides a place for people to have the ability to work as one company across various places, communicate with different employees, and to get to know each of them in all other branches and locations, whether in a high level or a low-level, in their professional settings, such as work place, school or other enterprise in real-time. The main purpose of daPulse is bridging the gap between the personnel, by creating the company’s big picture of the whole process for everyone in the company. Because of this transparency, everyone knows where the company is heading and helps them move fast in the same direction.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

Functional Project Tracking and Task Management – Several companies use very sophisticated project management and team collaboration tools for their various client engagements. However, these certain softwares may become too overwhelming and complex for smaller, and internal initiatives. If organizations look for a simple, user-friendly, no training required kind of software, daPulse is exactly the appropriate tool. It combines project management and communication into one easy-to-use interface. It is designed to facilitate easy and real time collaboration for multiple people by providing transparency into tasks, owners, due dates, and status.

Eye-catching UI, Executions Boards, and Team Collaboration – daPulse is highly visual and creates the company’s big picture of progress. This does a few things no other online software does. It clearly gets all of the people in the company aligned, since everyone sees the same display of progress and full documentation, so even new employees can hit the ground running. daPulse’s Product Execution Board displays the exact state of the organization’s every high-level objective or feature to the whole team. It’s a great way to show the progress of each task, who’s in charge of what and the dates. daPulse is the place where everyone connects around a topic.

Document Sharing, Mobile Access, Support Options, and More – daPulse provides access to all tools at one place: Pipedrive, Google Drive, email, GitHub, Google Analytics, and Dropbox. It also supports devices like Android, iPhone-iPad, Mobile Web App, RIM-BlackBerry, and Windows Phone. Moreover, it offers the following support options: FAQs, Forum, Knowledge Base, Online Support, Phone Support, Video Tutorials. It also has more features like email notifications and replies for easy update; copy + paste from Adobe; effortless image pasting and file droping into the system; live comment, mark, highlight or draw on any PDF, PPT, Word file and more.

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