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ExxpertApps is a single integrated online application which includes most of the individual features currently offered by SaaS business apps.

These business applications help enterprises to manage, contacts, companies, projects, opportunities, documents, internal resources, email campaigns, landing pages, surveys, products, online sales, online procurement, online payments, enterprise communications, etc.).

As opposed to traditional business applications, ExxpertApps enables to continuously improve business processes through management of experience and knowledge.

ExxpertApps is used by large enterprises as a departmental solution for their sales and marketing departments and by small and mid-size enterprises as their core application.

The ExxpertApps Contact & Companay Data Manager centralizes all relevant information from persons and companies (including companies in general and separately clients and providers).
Project Manager
The ExxpertApps Project Manager is a tool to coordinate any project among team members, centralize any related information and files, and save and reuse knowledge and experience. It is the combination of software and wisdom that helps teams to become better and better in what they do. For example, the Project Manager tells you how to organize an e-mail marketing campaign, it coordinates all activities in the team and it saves all what you have learned after doing the campaign.

Resource Manager
The ExxpertApps Resource Manager allows to create and manage internal company resources such as rooms, equipment, car pools, etc. It helps to make resource reservations and track the related costs. It can also be used to track personnel time related to projects so that at the end of the month, the company knows which person worked how many hours for each project and which costs have to be assigned to which project.

Mail Factory
The ExxpertApps Mail Factory allows to send personalized emails to a large audience of contacts and helps to track the results of each mailing showing which emails have been delivered, opened, clicked, bounced, etc.

This Mailer is specially suited for newsletters (showing which articles have been viewed), for event invitation and automatic registration, for surveys, and any other interactions with hundreds or thousands of clients.

Web Factory
The ExxpertApps Web Factory allows to easily create interactive web pages which are an extension of the company’s home page and which serve to interact with clients in certain situations. This Web Factory is specially suited to create a specific Landing Page for a course, a conference, a survey, etc. It is used to exchange information with clients in both directions. It can show information, photo galleries, and file downloads. On the other side it can retrieve information through customizable forms.

Clients that had previously problems with their own web sites (which were difficult and costly to modify) have turned to ExxpertApps Web Factory and have strongly increased their productivity and customer service quality, and have reduced costs by not having to subcontract special Landing Pages or web sites for events or surveys.

Procurement Manager
The ExxpertApps Procurement Manager allows to coordinate all online procurement activities of the company. It helps to define the needs for each type of procurement, request proposals from several vendors, compare these proposals and complete the buying process approving one of these proposals. Like iTunes, this Procurement Manager includes internal product and services catalogs from which to choose the item you want to buy online. It is comparable to iTunes which is a tool which includes a music marketplace.

Sales Manager
The ExxpertApps Sales Manager allows to define and store products, sell and auction these products to closed or open audiences over the web and receive online credit card payments.

Large companies use the Sales Manager to sell or auction products like cars to their closed group of dealers. The auction process is flexible and similar to eBay and can be tuned for each individual sale. Small companies use the Sales Manager to sell product through e-mail campaigns and landing pages by getting immediate orders and payments over campaign web sites.

Enterprise Communications Manager
The ExxpertApps Enterprise Communication Manager replaces e-mails with project-based communication made of messages, alerts and chats. It allows to keep all project information central including the communication between employees related to projects.

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