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Ftopia is a cloud-based file sharing service for businesses that enables you and your team to invite customers, suppliers, and employees to share various documents of any kind in company-branded public and private working spaces.

Created for the business person who’s not necessarily tech-savvy, ftopia is a cloud-based collaborative file and document sharing service that’s easy to use, highly customizable and brandable, and where users can securely publish and share documents that are confidential, semi-confidential, or openly available with their audience. It can be used as a project repository, an FTP, or shared file server.

Automatic file versioning ensures all authorized users, including clients, partners, and remote members,are equipped with the latest information to get things done, while activity logs provide admins and room managers full visibility into the various operations performed, such as file uploads, profile updates, file deletion and restoration activities, and so on. All ftopia subscriptions come with free native mobile apps, affording users an anywhere, anytime, any device access to business-pertinent files and documents in real time.

Some of ftopia’s core features are advanced visual customization, public and private rooms, simple and advanced permissioning, full traceability, and Windows and Mac synchronization.

Frustration over the usability, or lack thereof, of a platform is one of the key reasons software rollouts fail. In the case of file sharing solutions, nested folders with intricate filtering and sorting options are the common culprits. Ftopia’s objective is simple and straightforward: to provide a file sharing solution that’s intuitive, clutter-free and user-friendly.

With a minimalistic graphical interface that supports drag-and-drop file upload and sharing, ftopia supports all file types, from videos to Office documents, from graphics to PDFs that can be opened from any Internet-connected device. Files can be viewed within browser windows without being downloaded. Public sharing links can be generated, and tags can be used for better organization and easier retrieval.

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