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Getquantify helps creative agencies with its unique synergy of time-tracking, project management, invoicing & reporting. The perfect combo to get your projects under control.

Getquantify helps you to deliver on time, never miss a deadline and keep your clients as well as co-workers happy. Love your work, love your software!

Getquantify provides unique synergy of time-tracking, project management, reporting and invoicing.

You are now able to add location to your events. Simply click the location link next to description to reveal the map. Find the location by typing its name into the input field positioned on the map. You will notice the location gets automatically added above the map.
The location is also added to the ICS file so it appears in the externals calendars such are iCal.

So far you could create project tasks, set the estimated time, recored the time you have spent on the task etc. But if there were costs associated with project such are Google Ads campaign, you were not able to record that, now you can. We have added new section into the project details where you can add new costs or review the one you entered previously.
You can specify a title, description, category, date and value. The costs total appears in the budget area as well as in the financial reports or budget statistics.

With the new costs feature in place, we have update the budget stats which you can find in the reports section now. You will now be able to see the complete financial overview of all your projects. We have added total estimated value (based on estimate time & project hour), total spent value (based on task time your team recorded so far), total of external costs, budget and invoiced sum.
Don’t forget that the values are calculated based on the hour rate. You can either use project hour rate or hour rates of individual team members. You will find a switch in the project budget area which allows you to chose the type of the hour rate.

You can now set reminder for a task which has a time specified (event).

Project Time Charts
We have added 2 new type of charts into project details. You can see how was the time on the project times divided by users and categories.
Time tracking algorithm updated
Some of the browsers seems to slow down the script execution in the inactive windows which was causing issues during the time tracking. We have now updated the algorithm so no time should be lost anymore.

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