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With HotGloo’s run-anywhere web-based software, teams can work together to create interactive wireframes and prototypes online. Comments, notifications and live communication make it possible to work remotely, or review wireframes with clients. You can choose from a huge library of interactive elements (prebuilt menus, sign up forms, nav bars and much much more). Prototype for the web or use the latest iPhone & iPad UI widgets. HotGloo makes it easy to collaborate in real-time and annotate design specs or documentation.

HotGloo is an online, interactive wireframing & prototyping tool. HotGloo makes it easy to wireframe web and mobile sites and to co-work with team members. HotGloo is web-based and therefore platform and terminal independent. The program has a user-friendly style and a high standard of interactivity. Collaboration is clearly focused. With HotGloo, several users can work on one project at the same time as a team and discuss their work in real time via a chat function. A smooth and seamless integration of clients in the development process is guaranteed through preview links. HotGloo has been designed for all those engaged in UX: project managers, information architects, usability experts, freelancers, small project groups, or large agencies.

One of the most important aspects of any web project is to get an accurate feeling for the information architecture, the interactivity and the usability of a website. HotGloo makes it easy and accurate. With HotGloo your web projects finally come to life in the most important stage, the wireframe/prototype process. Thanks to HotGloo as an online application, you can even co-work with team members in realtime or send preview links to clients for feedback and apply changes quickly without touching any code. Working with HotGloo finally makes the painful task of walking clients and developers through wireframes easy and engaging. Just imagine you could experience something on your own, clicking yourself through the prototype of a website and experience it before it’s even built. HotGloo is also ideal if you just want to test ideas out. It’s simple enough to setup a flow and see what happens, which ultimately allows projects to get better quicker.

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