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Infolio is a sales enablement and a content management application designed to ease the stress of visiting different platforms to update content, view reports and monitor channels by compiling all integrations into the one application. Infolio connects your content marketing channels and social platforms all to the one centralized dashboard, proven to save you time and effort with daily business processes.

The main areas of the Infolio management applications are in HR, Sales, Marketing and Operations. The Infolio drag and drop interface makes it ideal for preparing for multiple meetings in short periods of time, be them in sales, marketing or training etc. Infolio enables you to integrate all your online platforms to the one dashboard and create custom views so you can view the most relevant data first.

Infolio lets you capture tasks, information and follow ups as well as document management and email functions. Infolio comes with online support, a demo version and a completely transparent iPad application.

Centralized dashboard and user preferences – Infolio offers a remote user dashboard that can update and monitor various amounts of platforms all from the one login. Infolio lets you create custom feeds, reports and interfaces so you can monitoring and control the most important aspects of your business.

iPad application and integrations – The Infolio iPad application enables you to scroll through your linked platforms and update/create content with ease. Infolio features 100’s of integrations, ranging from social media, document management, forum management, CMS integrations, analytics, reports and much more.

Prepare for multiple sales meetings and additional key metrics – Infolio lets you gather numerous key sales documents and research tools all within a matter of seconds and presents them in the one dashboard, making it ideal for multiple sales meetings in the one day. Additional Infolio tasks can include HR, Sales, Marketing and Operations.

Support and guidance – Infolio comes with a free online demo version that is available upon request as well as 24/7 support. Infolio video tutorials are in place to assist you from the initial setup to ongoing operations.

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