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Manage Your Company Online (MYCO) in an easy to use online collaboration suite. Enjoy one user interface, one dashboard and one control panel for your entire business.

MYCO Suite provides an all-in-one online business management solution, encompassing CRM, project management, sales leads, HR, finance, wiki, blog and website chat in one secure system, thereby improving transparency and reducing complexity for your business operations as a whole.

CRM, Project management, Sales, HR and Finance in one compact system. Having all your CRM information, projects, sales leads and financial reporting in one secured system. MYCO Suite helps management by creating transparency and stimulates collaboration. You are now able to say goodbye to multiple spreadsheets and systems.

Enjoy multiple modules within the Suite. You determine what your colleagues are allowed to see. CRM, Projects, Sales, Billing, Document management and more.

Getting Started
To get started with MYCO Suite, sign up for your free 7 day trial (no credit card required). After activating your email address, you are greeted with a short wizard to enter details about your business.

After you go through this wizard, you’re greeted with a dashboard. Like most other CRMs, you have tabs at the top: Home, Accounts, Sales, Finance, Projects, Documents and HR. Your dashboard has two sidebars on either side of the main area with information and quick links. In the middle, you have tabs for Activity feeds, Calendar, Notes, Contacts and Profile.

MYCO Suite makes it easy to integrate your other services, such as LinkedIn, Google and MailChimp. I immediately added my LinkedIn account and Google contacts. The setup was simple and painless.

MYCO Suite is now hosted in the AWS cloud, meaning the app will be fast and secure. Backups are stored in another region so MYCO Suite is unlikely to experience downtime.
Another new feature is email notifications. You won’t miss any tasks assigned to you by colleagues because MYCO Suite will notify you via email of any new tasks or changes.
MYCO Suite is already available in English, Dutch, German, Chinese and Spanish and working on other languages.

MYCO Suite is a solid CRM with a lot of great features and the developers have been working hard on improvements since our last review. With a motivated development team and the planned improvements, this is definitely an app to keep an eye on. If you’re in the market for a new CRM or if you are like me and love trying new apps, MYCO Suite won’t disappoint.

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