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Make it simple for your team and clients to leave feedback.
Share, comment and track in three clicks. Stop flipping between browsers, spreadsheets and emails trying to keep track of feedback during website development. Leave feedback, alert people when something needs to get fixed and do it all in one place, on your website.

The majority of web development projects don’t use any feedback or issue tracking software. The primary reason, people don’t want to learn a new system. PageProofer is designed to be the easiest way to leave feedback during website development.

The majority of web development teams don’t use any feedback or issue tracking software. The primary reason is people don’t want to learn a new system. PageProofer is designed to be the easiest way to leave feedback during website development.

Embed in your website, no plugins, no software

PageProofer provides all the functionality right on your website. Add a code snippet into the footer of your website and you are up and running. It’s that easy.

Three clicks to leave feedback

Once you have added the PageProofer code snippet to your website every page is ready for your team to leave feedback. Click on the PageProofer logo to slide out the overlay and then double click anywhere on the page to add a note.

Use in any browser, any time

View your site in any browser on any device (desktop, tablet, smart phone). If something isn’t right, make a note about it, right there. We support Firefox, Internet Explorer (8+), Safari, Chrome and Opera across multiple platforms. We’ve got you covered.

All the feedback, notes and comments are available securely, right on your website. No more digging around for emails, trying to find a spreadsheet or using cumbersome bug tracking software. Your clients have a single place to leave feedback and your team has a single place to find it.

Track issues and resolutions

If you see an issue on your website, make a note about it right there. Once the issue is resolved or someone comments on it you get a notification. No more waiting for someone to document all the issues and then send an email around to everyone.

Instantly know more

On every note that is created, we capture the browser information and screen size. You don’t need to guess about the browser or device, we show you. This allows you to quickly see all the important browser information (browser type, version, OS) and screen size data (desktop, tablet, mobile).

Have the conversation in a single place

Don’t try to keep track of emails and spreadsheet notes, simply track the conversation right on the note.

The dashboard allows you to quickly see which pages have feedback, what the status of each note is and who is responsible for the task. Click any item to see the full details including the browser info and any conversation about the note. Need to see the problem first hand? Link directly to the page a note was left on to see the exact context.

Drag and drop notes between columns to quickly manage your workflow and assign priorities so nothing gets missed. Keep everybody and everything in sync.

3rd Party Integration
Is your team using Asana, Basecamp or Trello for project management? Good news, PageProofer integrates with all of them. Every time you create a note or comment in PageProofer we will automatically create and update a todo item in the Asana, Basecamp or Trello project you choose.

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