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PowerSteering combines the robust project and portfolio management (PPM) functionality demanded by global organizations with the cost & speed-to-value benefits of cloud delivery and an unmatched level of flexibility. Easy to use and administer, it enables top-down program & portfolio management without requiring granular task & resource tracking, and provides class-leading analytic and financial tracking capabilities.

More than the product footprint, though, it is the combination of flexibility, ease-of-use, and ease-of-deployment that makes PowerSteering a leading solution. Many project and portfolio management systems require a year or more to implement and force users to grapple with complex software that impedes rather than improves team-member productivity. As a result, they only add to cultural resistance and hinder user adoption. Conversely, the combination of PowerSteering’s flexibility and “Enterprise SaaS” delivery model helps overcome change management challenges by enabling:

Rapid Deployment – Implementing to meet a client’s needs is so simple that they see value within weeks.

Phased Roll-out – Reduces risk by piloting with a select set of processes or users, then refining & expanding as you build success.

Role-based Access – Keeps users focused on high-value tasks by exposing them to only the tools & information they need.

“Just Right” Capability – Functionality may be turned on/turned off as needed to match an organization’s process maturity and readiness.

Simple Configuration – As needs evolve, our intuitive configuration console allows admins to make changes at any time without requiring IT support.

Frequent, Seamless Upgrades – Clients always have access to the latest product capabilities without enduring the cost & disruption required to update typical PPM systems.

Limitless Scalability – As a PMO grows, PowerSteering can be extended to new user groups immediately, whether dealing with tens or thousands of users.

Low TCO & Risk – Our subscription license model lets clients “pay as they grow,” so they can focus on running the PMO rather than worrying about huge sunk costs or surprise charges for maintenance & support.

PowerSteering combines the robust functionality & integration capabilities demanded by global organizations with the cost & speed-to-value benefits of cloud delivery and an unmatched level of flexibility. It is a completely integrated project and portfolio management solution that offers all the capability required to manage programs, projects, investments, and resources throughout the enterprise, helping organizations:

Improve Program & Portfolio Management through increased visibility, oversight, and governance.

Optimize Idea & Demand Management to prioritize and select projects for maximum business benefit.

Balance staff allocation against strategic priorities with powerful Resource Management capabilities.

Increase the quality and speed of project execution with tools for Project Management.

Leverage PPM Financials to track costs & benefits and validate the ROI of your PMO efforts.

Gauge performance against strategic objectives and project-level KPIs with real-time Reporting & Analytics.

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