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The iFile Email Archiving and Data Management system is Remotia’s take on revolutionizing the way people access and send files over the internet. Upload, send, manage and securely categorize folders and files immediately through a web-based and real-time management interface that promises fast, secure and reliable data transfer and sharing whenever and wherever you want it. With this, companies will easily be able to mange company relations ranging from the first potential customer to the last accounting step.

Folder Creation:

Manage your large files, categorize and send according to preference. By having this feature, you will be able to sort and share files with selected colleagues and customers.

File & Folder Management:

Users have a clear overview of all the folders previously made, as well as a
historical view of activities using the iFile feature. This makes it easy for users to access the files needed over a few clicks. If the user wants to have
more information on the file being viewed, he may click on it and presented
will be a more detailed information on the file. On top of this, users have the
capability to send the file or folder from the iFile interface.

File uploading:

Simple, Reliable Uploads who works in all web browsers, using Windows, Mac or Linux. Now you can easily access, edit, and share bookmark URL links to any of your files and folders, with all popular social networking sites on the internet.

File sending:

Once a file has been uploaded, the user may be able to share or send the documents to intended users. By following a link specified on the email and downloading it, the intended recipient gets to access the file securely and with ease. As an added protection to the file owner, he may limit the user’s access time line and capability by setting a date and enabling configuration preference.

Administrators’ control:

The administrator panel allows the user to set the settings suited to the company’s nature of business. Once the user arrives at the administrator panel, he can choose the ifile preferred from the set of menus on the right by scrolling.

Permission rights:

The user can share and send documents to intended users and have the control to restrict or limit another user’s access and edit functions to a particular file. This is to ensure that only the intended viewers or qualified users get hold of documents, especially if they are classified as confidential.

Permission-based files:

This is in conjunction with the user permission rights control enforced. Certain files can be restricted for viewing, to a limited number of people. Only users who know and have been assigned with a password get to access the files. Usually, these applies to documents limited for the Board Members’ eyes only, or per-department or according to the position they hold within the company.

Comprehensive reporting system:

The module is equipped with intuitive and configurable report formats which allows for a comprehensive view of files uploaded, sent, shared etc. This function helps a lot in providing the company a way to track and maximize file-sending and sharing function for filing anf reference purposes. The iFile’s accurate historical and software reporting system lets you track of operational requests, making the company abreast of its transactions.

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