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SAP Streamwork

Brainstorm, structure discussions, and build consensus with SAP StreamWork, an innovative solution for collaborative decision making. This powerful software-as-a-service (SaaS) belongs to the most popular collaboration tools because it can help you unite people and information in a single workspace — keeping everyone on track with notifications, activity streams, action items, and more. SAP StreamWork can used with Google Apps.
Choose from a built-in catalog of preconfigured, interactive business tools, and start seeing the benefits of collaborative decision making today.

SAP StreamWork can enable you to:

Unite people, information, and business methods – Get teams to commit to a cause by bringing everyone together in a single conversation and applying methods to drive a resolution. Upload and share documents, and empower the team with intuitive data exploration and visualization technology.

Keep everyone on the same page – Leverage every team member’s knowledge to reach the best outcome. Stay in sync with notifications, activity streams, and action items. Follow discussions, documents, and events for a work activity.

Work with your existing applications – Launch a meeting directly in WebEx, share notes or images from EVERNOTE, or start a new work activity directly from e-mail.

Create a corporate memory for repeated success – Understand how decisions are made – and how to repeat success. SAP StreamWork allows you to save, share, and reuse discussions, information, feedback, methods, and decisions.

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