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TeamWox is a web-based collaboration software with HRM, Task and Document Management, CRM, Service Desk and IP PBX suits in 30 languages.

Using this groupware, it is possible to build up an effective teamwork and speed up management decision-making based on timely and reliable information. Moreover, the TeamWox system allows to increase the efficiency of the working team and its productivity, as well as reduce expenses of the entire business.

TeamWox Groupware is an application designed for organizing group work in different companies. The system will help your clients to optimize business processes, make them more transparent, and speed up decision making based on complete and accurate information.

Besides that, TeamWox Groupware stores all the information on your clients and the history of relationship with them, different internal documents, tasks and discussions. Now all these data are concentrated in a single place and are available to the end user from any location in the world.

TeamWox Groupware is initially focused on small and medium size business (SMB). It comprises the principles of simplicity and convenience, and low cost of ownership. The important feature of TeamWox Groupware is its quick installation. The system doesn’t require any third-party programs, and you can start working in it immediately, “right here, right now”. The system installation won’t take much time, so you’ll be able to proceed immediately to the most important step, i.e. the system introduction.

TeamWox contains all that is necessary to provide the efficient operation of any SMB company. The system includes:

Personnel Department, Tasks, Documents, Email, Organizations and Contacts, Board, Search, Reports, Chat and Online Assistant, Service Desk, Accounting, IP PBX, TeamWox SDK (Software Development Kit, a package for developing your own applications).

TeamWox is a groupware system designed to optimize the business management. This is a web application including Team and Task management, Document Workflow, CRM, Service Desk and IP PBX tools.

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