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ThinkGrid is a worldwide enabler of cloud computing. Our new Hosted Virtual Desktop technology is an innovative new method for delivering desktops to end users. Through our Channel Partners we can deliver vertical specific solutions to suit individual business needs.

Cloud computing and hosted virtual desktops provide the same features, tools and ways of working as traditional IT, but with a different method of accessing them. Whilst the services look and feel familiar, behind the scenes they bring a raft of benefits, such as cost savings, disaster recovery, business continuity, remote working and improved staff productivity.

Why Unique?

ThinkGrid’s Hosted Desktops run on Windows7; benefit from full isolation; allow any business application to be installed; provide full scalability, customization and benefit from high availability.

A hosted desktop is a fully-functioning remote workstation. Instead of being held on local hardware, all software and data is housed in our tier 3 & 4 data centres. The screen data is then sent via the internet, to an end-user’s device (such as a PC or thin client), whilst industry-standard encryption ensures security. Keystrokes and mouse movements are then relayed from the workstation to our data centres. This is an entirely seamless process and the end user’s Windows experience is identical to that offered by a traditional desktop PC, allowing interaction with the exact same applications in the exact same way.

By keeping the end-user experience familiar you achieve higher levels of satisfaction, no training costs, just a quick and seamless roll out process:

* Install and Customise Apps
* Customise Desktop
* Personalise
* Active Directory
* Integration with Existing I.T

ThinkGrid’s hosted virtual Desktop runs on Windows7 and all applications are automatically updated, your business will always benefit from an up-to-date IT infrastructure. Using the Hosted Desktop Management Suite End-User Interface, you will be able to order new resources with just a few clicks. Automated provisioning will ensure that your resources are made available in a timely manner.

What extra value can the Hosted Virtual Desktop solution bring?
USB redirection – allows you to carry on accessing your external USB drive as you would on a regular desktop.
Bi-Directional Audio – by redirecting your built in/external microphone through to your hosted desktop letting you take advantage of Skype, VOIP and UC.
Shared File Storage – highly available secure storage that can be shared to your virtual desktop environment as a mapped drive or connect from anywhere.
Printer and Scanner support – print, scan and send documents anywhere in the world

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