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Twproject is a full featured web based project management software that gives you full visibility and control over your projects.

Project Management – Twproject is built for managing work in an evolving set of project, tasks and issues.
Each project in Twproject can be structured as a task tree / Gantt or as a business process. Each task can be associated to users (or more generally, resources) through assignments. Each resource plays a role in the project, such as “Project Manager”, “Worker”, “Stakeholder” (and you can define your own roles). Assignments made, security, subscriptions, notifications and team actions start working without any additional effort.

Team Collaboration – How do you define a work group or team? A standard way is simply as the set of people belonging to a department. But actually more dynamically, a team is the set of people working on a project. Once you have defined project structure and assignments, you get teams for free. Each team member plays a role through assignments, having specifics rights for each task. Both standard and dynamic modalities are actively supported by Twproject. For all teams you can communicate, evaluate, prioritize and study their work load. You can use the shared agenda across the team, so Twproject works as group calendar server, add meeting discussion points and establish a committee and share files on projects.

Time Management – Your time is valuable, Twproject’s focus is on keeping track of projects evolution in time. Recording work log is critical for the success of such monitoring. The log activity can be felt as a burden, so Twproject has a one-click procedure for recording a full day of work. There are many different ways to work, hence Twproject adapts to different habits. Your work log is always linked to the correct task, and this requires no effort. Work log can be approved, verified, and monitored in real time. Generated costs can be verified any moment.

Resource Planning – Team effort control, weekly/monthly work planning, resource availability, issue scheduling, worklog checking let you having a complete and updated resource overview. “Excel-like” interfaces make planning comfortable and fast.
Budgeting & Project Costs Management – Cost monitoring is a relevant aspect of project management. In Twproject cost management is focused not only on tracking work costs but also on collecting resource expenses (travels, courses etc.) and project assets and fixed expenses. Budget can be defined either on project level or on task level.

Issue Tracking & Agile – Twproject manages issues in project’s context; introducing issues you will get an agile way of work.
Twproject’s refined object model easily supports agile methodologies.
Issues in Twproject represent a light-weight tasks that can be easily closed, moved, copied and reassigned. Issues solve cases like help-desk, bug tracking, to-do list and so on. Worklog can directly be registered on issues and at the same time collected at project level. Issues can be prioritized in a drag and drop list and with the editor in place you can change status and severity in one click. The organizer and the Kanban board let you schedule issues in time and re-distribute them by changing assignee, task, status and so on. Burn down graph and detailed statistics let you tracking issues completely.

Document Management – In Twproject you can attach documents to project. If you want to spare the drag of upload/download of files already secured and classified on the server file system, you can link projects to them. In this case the browser acts as a window on the file server, giving a comfortable remote access. NTFS, SVN, Amazon S3, FTP servers are supported.

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