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What is

Every day people create content, thousand of content. The problem is when people want to share this content to different media. So help to share the user content to their people but without signing their people media.

It is made for people who often share files like photos or documents but need or want to share with people who do not use the same platform….



Capture – e.g. Dropbox or Facebook.

How it works?

The sharing message is like …..


“Every time I add a <file> to <my service> my <followers> receive it in <their service>” We BEAM IT!


With you are able to define the place/folder/album where you save your new files and people who want to receive the files can subscribe to your shared files using the follow function and receive the files and every new update.And the best thing is that you set it up once and every new file is shared automatically. No need to send Emails, download links or invites.


Capture acts like a transporter for the internet. They connect cloud services and move the files you want to publish with your favorite service to the people following your Beam. The followers have the option choose THEIR WAY how they want TO RECEIVE your stuff. iBeam. it automatically moves every new file you add to your followers.


Do you have any tips for using Please add them to this list.
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Your top tips for using #webtoolswiki

Your top tips for using #webtoolswiki

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Your suggestions for alternatives to #webtoolswiki

Your suggestions for alternatives to #webtoolswiki

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