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Indaba_Music_logo Indaba music is for musicians social community based website where musicians can collaborate each other with different issues based on music. Users are allowed to make self-profile including his biography most slightly on music life. Users actually promote their tunes, recording, taste, songs to other musicians. Indaba also gives an opportunity in terms of mixing console to musicians to edit music in private and public sessions.

The fact is website is both blend form of  social network and suite of collaboration technologies for musicians. The site connects  musicians in different places to find each other and make music online. Indaba also launches various remix contests with key artists including Snoop Dogg, Weezer, Linkin Park and Peter Gabriel.


Indaba was founded in 2005 as but it was launched in February 2007. Indaba is one kind of Zulu word for community and collaboration.This name was chosen because this is platform something like people can meet new people with music, sharing ideas, creating music.

In 2010, Indaba launched the second version of their session console, named Mantis, which allows musicians to collaboratively record, edit, and mix tracks online. The relaunch coincided with a new library of Creative Commons-licensed audio loops and sounds that Indaba solicited from its community.

Anybody can be a member on Indaba Music, however Pro and Platinum levels are for different case for enhanced feature and function and storage.Indaba Music has been marked in the press that renowned artists are collaborating including Rivers Cuomo, John Legend, Mariah Carey, YO-YO MA and Third eye Blind.During this collaboration Users can access the update from the songs. So many popular Magazine including Time Magazine publishes feature, contests, discussion hosted by Indaba Music.


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