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SnapLogic is a cloud-based enterprise application integration company, intuitively snapping together any business application or Web service. SnapLogic’s modern connection architecture delivers fast, smart data by integrating sources in the cloud and on the ground. SnapLogic’s cloud integration solutions were built on proven consumer Web standards that bring cloud speed, scale and ease to businesses.

The company’s Snaps – standardized containers that connect any kind of data – are available for instant download in the first of its kind SnapStore. The SnapStore enables developers, system integrators, and independent software vendors to build and sell reusable application-specific connectors that simplify application integration, data integration, and SaaS integration.

SnapLogic, with its innovative DataFlow solution, promises to be a welcome respite to the business community.SnapLogic differs from other available solutions in three important areas:

Infinite Connectivity:
SnapLogic has native connectivity to newest web services. SnapLogic DataFlow allows businesses to connect with popular SaaS applications today like Salesforce, NetSuite, and SugarCRM, with limitless connectors available through SnapStore.

Scalable Architecture:
This new technology has been built in such a way as to handle data flow from any number of sources to any number of destinations. This helps businesses to get, keep, and grow their customers. SnapLogic architecture works and scales like web servers do.

SnapLogic DataFlow can be deployed on the desktop, in the cloud (public or private), or on-premise. We support the full application life cycle management, allowing development on the desktop, testing on inexpensive computing resources, and deploying on highly scalable public/private clouds.
Moreover, SnapLogic being a ready server with whole lot of connectors is highly maintainable, reusable and doesn’t require any special training or special personnel to operate it. Thus SnapLogic provides a logical solution to the current data integration issues.

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