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Broadcast Live to the Web From A Phonecall


Ipadio is a privately owned technology and communications company founded in 2009.[1] ipadio products deliver live broadcasts from mobile phones, landlines and satellite phones. Since 2009 ipadio has developed a number of services based on its core technology including ContactEngine for customer interactions, FieldTalk for workforce engagement, and HDMobileVideo for next generation video sharing.

ipadio works with multinational corporations, government departments and worldwide charities. Ipadio technology is used in a range of industry sectors including: telecommunications, engineering, education, gaming, healthcare, household services, media, pharmaceutical, retail, sport and transport.

ContactEngine: ipadio’s core service, ContactEngine is for large-scale daily customer communications. ContactEngine uses a combination of the following ipadio services to achieve customer contact.


InteractiveTxt: like internet chat, but via text message. The messages are automatically personalised, with each message dependent on the response to the previous one. Customers can respond when they’re at work or travelling.

VoiceForms: a form you fill in, by a combination of voice and touchtone commands, similar to Interactive Voice Response (IVR), questions are pre-set to the individual, who is then guided through a menu tree.

Apps: Alerts can pop up on customer’s tablets or smartphones.

Email: for exchanging digital messages.

ContactEngine can be configured to switch between devices depending on the urgency of the contact requirement, the time of day, and any other business rules that need applying. ContactEngine deals with wrong numbers and multiple phone numbers, duplicates and multi-day calling schedules. There is an online admin and email or text alerting system for the admin staff and management.

FieldTalk: Provides two-way communication between multiple-layers of management and staff.

EBrief: Similar to web conferencing, EBrief is used for large scale engagement with customers, between staff and executives, or for monthly team updates.

HDMobileVideo: ipadio’s Apple and Android apps gather and distribute content (video, audio, phone, text, images) securely.

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